Pull Up Extractor Cleaner

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Pull Up is a low foaming Extractor Cleaner used to remove grease and grime from soiled interior fabrics and carpets! 

  • Low Foaming Action
  • Safely Removes Grease & Grime
  • Use Hot or Cold 


Use a prespot, such as our Superior Image Spotter, to remove stains and stubborn soil before Pull Up!

Light Soils – 64:1 (2 oz./gallon) Medium to Heavy Soils – 32:1 (4 oz./gallon) 

Vacuum carpet. Pretest for colorfastness. Apply diluted solution to an inconspicuous spot and wipe with white cloth. If no bleeding occurs, proceed with extraction. Vacuum carpet completely. Pour Pull Up directly in the extractor tank and extract the entire carpet area. Do not over wet the carpet. After extraction, carpet pile can be restored using a stiff brush. Not recommend for wool.

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