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Liquid Laundry is our high quality, detailing towel or car care towel cleaner. It can get quite expensive when you're forced to toss them away due to heavy residue and loss of performance. Liquid Laundry extends the life of your towels by removing stubborn oily residue from microfiber, cotton, and chamois materials without ruining them! Motor oil, car wax, protein stains, and grease won't stand a chance after a single wash with our amazing fresh smelling detergent. Save yourself some money! Keep your towels car care ready and perform like new, with Liquid Laundry. 

Sizes: Available 16oz, 1 gal, 5 gal+

Dilution Ratio: 1oz-3oz

Tips: Pour 1oz for lightly soiled or light loads, 2 oz for medium, and 3 oz for highly soiled or larger loads! For best results separate towels by use: interior separate from exterior towels, engine bay and wheel towels separate from all other towels. Great for refreshing bath/beach towels, bed sheets, sports gear, and cleaning towels.


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