Interior DG ProKIT

Interior DG ProKIT

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Keep your work space or mobile truck looking clean and professional while making pour down fast and efficient with our ProKITS! 


Interior DG ProKIT Comes with:

1 32oz Concentrate 

2 Empty 32oz ProDilution Bottles w/sprayer triggers

1 Empty 5 Gal container w/spigot 


Simply fill the 5 gal container with water, pour the 32oz concentrated product in! Now you have 5 gallons of ready to use product to pour down into your new 32oz ProDilution Bottles. 



About Interior DG:

Interior DG is a PH-Balanced super cleaner used to clean interiors, removing common stains, daily grime and cleaning soiled carpets! Safely cleans your Steering wheel, Seats (Vinyl or Leather), Fabrics, Door Panels, Plastics without causing fading or discoloration. Interior DG leaves no film or residue behind! Its colorless and odorless formula is so damn good, it cleans in seconds!

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