Detailing Trio - Brush Box Set

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The Detailing Trio - Brush Box Set makes detailing interiors and exteriors as easy as 1, 2, 3! Take the guessing out of what brush to use with the perfect trio set to tackle any detail job inside and out. 

The Box set includes:

1 Black Microfiber Ultra Plush Detailing Brush: Perfect for softer surfaces that may easily scratch such as dashboard, satin surfaces, powder coated, high gloss surfaces, piano black etc.

1 Tan Natural Boars Hair Hair Detailing Brush: Perfect for interior or exterior details needing a deeper yet delicate clean including leather, vinyl, wheels, door panels, emblems, etc.

1 White Synthetic Fiber Brush: Perfect for interior or exterior details including engine bays, trim, vents, wheel lugs, seats with deeper creases and crevices, etc. 

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The Superior Image team has spent the last 20 years mastering the car washing business. Building car washes across the west coast, blending and creating the most effective chemicals on the market. On a daily basis we sell our concentrated chemicals to professionals and business's. Superior Image is your guide to cleaning your vehicle at home, the professional way.