AMPLIFY Ceramic Foaming Detailer

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Superior Image AMPLIFY Ceramic Foaming Detailer is a Soap formulated to create a super hydrophobic surface.  It is pH neutral and creates great lubrication for your wash mitt, while leaving an industry leading high gloss protection on the vehicles surface.  AMPLIFY Ceramic Foaming Detailer has been tested in industrial applications for the last year with excellent results.  Simple to use and will not effect ceramic coated vehicles. Apply every 3 to 6! Perfect for topping off a freshly ceramic coated vehicle or to maintain the longevity of ceramic coated surfaces! 


Directions with Foam Cannon:

  1. Dilute 1:128 in Foam Cannon
  2. Foam surface
  3. Wash with mitt rinsing each panel
  4. Remove any remaining water with microfiber drying towel.

Directions by hand:

  1. Rinse vehicle with water
  2. Using the two bucket method pour 2 oz of Amplify Soap into bucket.
  3. Wash panel with solution of Amplify Soap and water.
  4. Rinse panel with clean water and clean wash mitt
  5. Move to next panel and repeat steps
  6. Rinse entire vehicle once finished with water
  7. Dry entire vehicle with microfiber drying towel

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