Amplify ONE T.I.R.E ProKIT

Amplify ONE T.I.R.E ProKIT

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Keep your work space or mobile truck looking clean and professional while making pour down fast and efficient with our ProKITS! 

Amplify ONE T.I.R.E ProKIT Comes with:

1 gal Concentrate 

2 Empty 32oz ProDilution Bottles w/sprayer triggers

1 Empty 5 Gal container w/spigot 


Simply fill the 5 gal container with water, pour the proper amount of concentrated product in (follow dilution instructions on the label) Now you have 5 gallons of ready to use product to pour down into your new 32oz ProDilution Bottles. 

About Amplify ONE T.I.R.E:

This is our high end Sio2 infused dressing that allows you to get the look you want while protecting your tires from UV damage! We’ve created a formula that doesn’t sling, and it can be applied to dry with your choice of a high gloss or satin finish. You can use it for more than just tires such as the engine bay, exterior/interior vinyl, rubber and plastic trim. Once applied, surfaces become hydrophobic, rejecting rain, dirt and dust keeping surfaces from oxidation and fading to look their best!

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