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Amplify ONE TIRE & Ceramic Detail Spray: 16oz Bottles
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We took our most purchased pair up & turned it into a Kit! 

Formulated with 5% SIO2, surfaces will pop with, “like new” vibrancy. Protect your investment from the harsh elements & UV damage. Our Amplify line has stellar hydrophobic protective properties that reject dirt, dust & water for 5-6 months! With our Amplify Ceramic Kit, you can maintain surfaces with ease & watch it work its magic when it beads! 

Amplify Ceramic SIO2 Detail Spray can be used inside & outside of your vehicle! Protect paint, vinyl, plastic, chrome, rubber, dashboard, door panels, piano blacks, mirrors, center console, glass, gauges, wheels, trim & more! (Fun Fact: Great for shower tiles & glass shower doors, BUT don’t apply it to the floors!!) 

Amplify ONE T.I.R.E is an SIO2 tire shine & dressing that can be applied by applicator or spray on! Use on tires, plastic or rubber trim & engine bay. Choose between a satin look or high gloss look & enjoy a clean refreshed hydrophobic easy to clean surface, wash after wash! (Fun Fact: Can be diluted & used as an interior dressing too!) 

Amplify Ceramic Kit Includes:

1 - 16oz Amplify Ceramic Detail Spray

1 - 16oz Amplify ONE T.I.R.E 


Do not use on motorcycles tires or motorcycle seats.  
Do not use on rubber floor mats as it could cause surfaces to become slippery when wet. 

Not meant for fabrics or carpets.


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