Blue Thunder Premium Presoak

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BLUE THUNDER Pre-SOAK is a great first step in your wash process. It dissolves heavy mud and grime without the need for harsh chemicals that often cause surfaces to fade or corrode. BLUE THUNDER maintains the current condition of plastics, metals, and rubber trim.

Applying this amazing pre-soak before shampoo will save time and energy by chemically removing dirt and grime even in those hard-to-reach areas. Great for all on and off-road vehicles as well as boats and RV’s. 


Why choose superior image?


The Superior Image team has spent the last 20 years mastering the car washing business. Building car washes across the west coast, blending and creating the most effective chemicals on the market. On a daily basis we sell our concentrated chemicals to professionals and business's. Superior Image is your guide to cleaning your vehicle at home, the professional way.