Amplify Tire Coat - Satin

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Amplify Tire Coat - Satin is a semi-permanent dry seal treatment with titanium and zinc nano-oxides. Once applied it will protect surfaces from UV and ozone damage while preventing dry rot! Use to restore weathered and faded tires, trim, vinyl, and plastics back to lush black. Formulated to create a tough dry seal that repels dirt and water and can withstand repeated cleanings during daily car washes.

  • Satin finish for tires, trim, bumpers, rubber, plastic & vinyl
  • Protects and restores surfaces from UV and ozone damage
  • Prevents dry rotting & fading
  • Keeps surfaces hydrophobic 

Tip: Apply to a clean dry surface with an applicator. Allow 20 min to dry before getting surfaces wet or driving.


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