Carnauba Butter Wax

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Carnauba Butter is a soft, yellow, banana-scented creme wax that contains highly specialized polymers. It produces a deep "wet look" gloss and provides excellent protection. A thick crème which contains a unique blend of silicones for a long lasting shine. Easy-to-apply creme formulation that saves time and effort. 100% carnauba-based with natural carnauba cleaning power. UVA & UVB protection that leaves an ultra smooth to the touch coating.

Sizes: Available in 8oz, 16oz, 1gal, 

Color: Yellow

Fragrance: Banana

Dilution Ratio: Ready to use.

Applications: Exterior automotive paint surfaces.

Additional Uses: RV and Marine

Tips: Place 2-3 pea size drops directly onto wax applicator pad. Apply to paint in a cross hatch pattern, allow product to haze.. Remove with microfiber towel

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