Dark Kar Air Freshener

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The Dark Kar Air Freshener is a concentrated long lasting air freshener with odor elimination properties to eliminate odor.  Dark Kar air freshener is a unique blend of aromatic essences and oils that leave a long lasting fragrance. Helps control mustiness, mildew, smoke, cigarette, food, pet and other unwanted odors. Great for auto and home.

Sizes: Available in 16oz, 1gal, 5gal+

Color: Clear

Fragrance: Cologne

Dilution Ratio: Ready to use.

Applications: Interior carpet and upholstery. 

Additional Uses: RV, Marine, and Home

Tips: Spray on carpet or upholstery with a light mist, do not saturate. Let air dry. Wipe access off any plastics or trim panels. Spray in trunk or under seats for complete refresh

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The Superior Image team has spent the last 20 years mastering the car washing business. Building car washes across the west coast, blending and creating the most effective chemicals on the market. On a daily basis we sell our concentrated chemicals to professionals and business's. Superior Image is your guide to cleaning your vehicle at home, the professional way.